Details: Feb 2019

1) What's Going On?

Dr Joe is having left inguinal hernia surgery on Wed Feb 6, 2019.
The surgeon is recommending 2 weeks of healing time,
so the office will be "closed" Wed Feb 6th thru Tues Feb 19th.
We plan to "re-open" the office on Wed Feb 20th.

2) What if a patient needs an adjustment while the office is closed?

Dr Joe has made arrangments with Dr Mark Magos (160 Main St, Flemington)
to see patients that need care while Dr Joe is healing.
Dr Joe will be in town the entire 2 weeks, so please call our office
@908.806.7575 or Dr Mark's office @908.788.7466.
The two doctors will discuss all the details.

3) Bonus Hours!

Our office will be open Monday Feb 4th from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm for adjustments.

4) Have any additional questions? Please call our office @908.806.7575.

Dr Joe or one of the staff members will return your call ASAP!

Thank you!